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Where is the ISS now?

Even though the International Space Station is the most well known inhabited space station, there's also the space station of the Chinese Spacial Program the Tiangong which means Heavenly Palace which isn't yet permanently inhabited.

Even though there's no publicly available pictures made from that space station, it's orbital data is available and its position and predicted orbits are shown in our map for curiosity purposes.

"Real time" pictures made close to actual position

The pictures shown below are the closest cataloged pictures to the projeced position of the ISS on the surface of the Earth when this page was loaded. At every 5 minutes this page is reloaded, thus this being this the normal rate of update of this picture's mosaic. If you want to speed up the mosaic update, please press the "refresh" button. Refresh

× There aren't any pictures made around this place. Wait until the ISS arrives closer to dry land.

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